Jayme Infanzon

Jayme Infanzon Reviews


Erica Burchfield

I have known Jayme Infanzon for 3 years. He not only has a true passion for real estate development but genuinely cares about community and the wellbeing of others. He has proven this by volunteering and giving back through various charities. In his own business, he withholds high ethics and moral standards. Therefore, I would highly recommend him to obtain a builders license and feel confident that he would maintain these characteristics in his next venture.


Nick Connor - Man Made Mastery

Over the last 8 years I’ve had the opportunity to develop a friendship with Jayme Infanzon and consider the bond unbreakable. I’ve benefited in many ways from our friendship and have understood that as Jayme progresses personally and professionally his desire to serve his community expands. As the saying goes, “a rising tide, raises all ships”. That is certainly the case with Jayme.


Don Jackson - Home Buyers LLC

Jayme Infanzon is a true real estate professional. Playing a big part in his community buy bringing like-minded individuals together to enhance our communities in the Charlotte Metro Area. A Good business partner for Joint Ventures and is very informative and a good
friend. Thank you so much for your contributions and look forward to our next B.U.I.L.D. meeting


Matthew Alexander - Ready 4 Sale Construction

Thave personally know Jayme Infanzon for several years and find his comment to hard work and perseverance second to none. Jayme and I have worked in coordination on several real estate investment deals that have all been successful for all involved parties.


Franco Treglia - Tregs Remodeling

I Franco Treglia am the owner of Tregs remodeling and have known Jayme Infanzon for 10 years. We have done several business and real estate transactions through the years and will continue to do so in our future. He has proven to be an honest and reliable businessman in our community.


Jessica Sinski - Carolina Property Group

Jayme Infanzon is someone whom I’ve known in a variety of capacities for many years. Recently he is someone whom I’ve done many business transactions with and in addition, he has been someone I can rely on. Jayme has a lot of insight to all the transactions we have done together and can guide the parties to the end goal. Jayme is proficient in negotiation and communication. Jayme is a dedicated, hardworking and innovative individual focused on the end goal. He also helps others along the way and often gives back to the community. He is the type of person I know I can count on and for that reason, I recommend him.