Jayme Infanzon

Father, mentor, investor.

Jayme John Infanzon of Charlotte, NC is a father, mentor, and investor with a focus on real estate for over 25 years. He has successfully flipped over 150 single-family homes. Through the knowledge gained while flipping single-family homes, Jayme quickly moved into investing in lots and building custom homes from the ground up.

This transition proved to be a profitable venture, with many of these homes selling for more than half a million. He currently holds single-family rental, industrial building, and mortgage notes.

December 10th 2022

Third Annual B.U.I.L.D Group Holiday Gala & Toy Drive

About Jayme Infanzon

Outside of the real estate world, Jayme has participated in both civic duty and charity work, including working with a dog rescue. He has successfully found forever homes for 34 large breed dogs that needed to complete training and obedience work before they were suited for home family life. Along with helping dogs find their forever homes, Jayme has sponsored male high schoolers living below the poverty line. Throughout this sponsorship, he mentored them until they were admitted into college. He also has mentored young adults interested in the field of mixed martial arts (MMA). His pupils would train MMA for six to eight hours a day until they were able to hit the pro level.

We are always looking for investor partners to help fund future investment projects for both house flipping and long term holds. If you are interested in investing with We Buy Houses, please call the office line at (704) 333-4444 or cell phone (704) 363-8527.

Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jayme’s businesses through the years

The B.U.I.L.D. Group

In 2020, Jayme started a real estate meeting called The B.U.I.L.D. Group, also known as the Buyers United in Local Development Group. This real estate meeting is now one of the largest investor-based meetings in the Charlotte regional area. Members of the group land assemble parcels for medical office, retail, & multi-family properties.


House Buyers, LLC

House Buyers, LLC is a company that flips houses with wholesalers (NCHomeOffer.com).

Watch: House Buyers LLC


Built in the early 2000s, Jayme brought HomeMaxHomes to four locations and grew to 75 employees before selling the company in late 2006. While part of the HomeMaxHomes team, the company completed over 1,100 lease options and managed over 500 houses.


Currently, Jayme Infanzon is the owner/operator of  SideHustleHost.com, a property management company specializing in short-term rentals.



Mainstreethomes.com managed hundreds of houses. Main Street also had a credit repair and short sale department completing a few hundred Lease option tenant buyers to homeowners.

Watch: Inside Main Street Homes


Credited in building RentPurchase.com, Jayme helped bring RentPurchase across state lines.

Jayme’s Background

Along with creating multiple real estate companies, he managed a million-dollar investment fund to grow these investments through house flipping and custom home builds. From this investment fund, Jayme has invested money into various businesses throughout Charlotte, NC for high returns exceeding 15% annually.

While the majority of Jayme’s focus has been on residential development projects, both flipping and custom building houses, he also oversaw the I-485 Mallard Creek exit behind the Concord Mills Mall. During this project, he worked with the state and city to rezone more than 200 acres of land for multi-family, retail, commercial, and hotel properties. From this project, Jayme was able to increase land values from $29,000 per acre to $348,000 per acre.


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